Goals and Objectives

1) Increased arts and cultural opportunities for youth—curriculum based

     and community based.


    • School Board adopts and implements Arts For All Plan.

    • Publicize Youth Activities on community online wide arts and

      cultural calendar.

    • Increase after school arts and cultural programs in neighborhoods.


2) Improved public image of Pomona


     Appearance and facilities

    • Enact public art program, banner program, signage ordinance,

      mural ordinance.


    Public safety

    • Attain increased enforcement of loitering, noise and open container laws

      to improve experience of attending Arts Walks.

    • Achieve increased weekend stops at Transit Center and enhanced security.



    • Develop and promote Cultural Assets Map and linked spreadsheet.

    • Conduct an economic impact study on arts/culture/creative industries

      in Pomona.

    • Coordinate print, broadcast and social media campaign about Pomona

      arts and cultural activities citywide.


3) Increased partnerships and improved communications between artists

     and arts organizations, City departments, PUSD, higher education,

     business, culturally specific communities and residents.


    • Develop one coordinated, community calendar for all arts and culture

      events in Pomona.

    • Develop partnerships with Police Department and with local churches.

    • Expand relationship with Cal Poly Fine Arts Department.